What to wear on moving day – Dress code for your international move

If you are about to move to another neighborhood, city, or country, you should know that moving can be a very stressful but also a very exciting experience. One thing’s for sure; you will remember this period for the rest of your life. If you are relocating for the first time, it is entirely natural that you are wondering what to wear on moving day, especially if you are leaving for another country. For this reason, we have assembled a short guide that will delineate what the dress code for your international move is. 

Moving to a new home requires you to be as ready as you have ever been. Therefore, the stress or excitement that you feel may be amplified because the new environment is located in another country. Accordingly, it makes sense to dress adequately for the moving day – it will give you a sense of control not only over what you project into the world but also over the entire relocation process.

Why what you wear on moving day matters?

First, what you wear on moving day matters for practical reasons. If you have long hair, you do not want to get it in your way when you are packing and moving boxes and furniture. Although it seems silly at first, any such impracticality could make the moving process unnecessarily delayed and challenging. So, what you wear matters, just like what you eat on moving day.

Furthermore, it makes sense to consider your personal safety and dress accordingly. This is not to say that you need safety gear, but it is important to anticipate potential injuries such as cuts, bruises, scratches, etc. Accordingly, wearing clothes and shoes in which you can easily move and carry large cardboard boxes, bulky furniture, and appliances will make your moving day more manageable. 

a woman carrying a moving card box

Which shoes should I wear on moving day?

Leave your trendy boots, sandals, and flip-flops for when you finish with the relocation, and grab your old, comfortable sneakers or working boots to make your every stride as safe and as comfortable as possible.

However, if you do not have the time or the patience to do the heavy work on your own, there is always the option of visiting fourwinds-ksa.com and hiring a crew to do it for you. In this case, you will be free to wear almost anything you like since you won’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Which clothes should I wear on moving day?

The clothes that you choose to wear should follow the same logic. Not to say that you need to wear the oldest tracksuit that you can find, but wearing your chic trousers and a fashionable shirt is simply pointless. It can also be a nuisance when you have to manage the chaos of moving all of your items in and out of a moving truck.

Make sure that you wear close-fitting clothes

The clothes you wear should be as close-fitting as possible. Since you will probably step or skip over boxes and furniture all day, wearing tight-fitting clothes will make this a lot easier. You do not want to risk having the fabric catch onto a nail or a doorknob – this could be outright dangerous if you are carrying a couch or a fridge down the stairs. Ensure that you do not have any loose ends on your clothes and that you are buttoned up and tucked in to perfection. So, ditch the flowy shirts and dresses, and opt for something tight and sensible.

Make sure that you wear breathable clothes made of natural materials

Your clothes should also be breathable. As you may know, carrying heavy loads will most likely result in profuse sweating, so it is best if you wear breathable clothes such as cotton shirts and blue jeans. In fact, it’s a good idea not to pack all of your T-shirts, especially if you are moving on a hot day, or perhaps, to a country that has higher temperatures.

For example, if you are looking to settle down in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, then it particularly makes sense to wear light, breezy materials on your moving day. In fact, even if you are moving in the winter months, wearing layers of breathable clothes and having a backup shirt is a good idea since moving involves plenty of strenuous activity that will most likely make you sweat a lot.

a man adding card box to a woman that packs it in a car

Make sure your clothes are practical

Ideally, you should wear pants that are practical, that is, in which you can put most of the tools that you may need during the move. So, having plenty of pockets on your pants or shirt allows you to stash tape, screwdrivers, scissors, flashlight, and other essential tools.

It would also be best if the pockets had zippers since losing an essential item such as a scalpel or, god forbid, your mobile phone or keys could be an extremely annoying and cumbersome setback.

a person using a duck tape to seal the box

However, as practical as your clothes should be, you should still abstain from the urge to wear your best garments that fit this description. It is impossible to predict if your clothes will stay in one piece after the move. They could get dirty or damaged to the point of no return. Therefore, what you should wear on moving day are clothes that are pragmatic but that you will not regret potentially throwing away after the relocation is over.

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