Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits When You Move Abroad

One of the problems that many expats have is adapting their diet in a new country. Unfortunately, that’s why lots of them start turning to restaurants, fast-foods, and take-outs. These are a kind of instant source of comfort when living in an unfamiliar place, so there’s nothing unexpected here. However, commercial dishes can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Things like extra fat or salt are often added as these add more flavor and keep customers coming back for more. Luckily, there are ways to maintain healthy eating habits when you move abroad. And that’s what we’re talking about today. 

If you’re the type of person that follows all the nutrition tips to maximize your workouts, you probably care what you eat at all times. So, we don’t have to stress to you that cooking at home can not only make you healthier, but it also can save you money. We’re sure that you can come up with ways to spend all this extra cash on your own. The only thing we want is to help you get to it. 

Cooking for one

Living alone in a foreign country can be tricky. There are many challenges that cooking for one brings with it. However, you can overcome all of these with minimal effort. Most of the time, a little planning and one weekly grocery trip will get you set. 

Take some time each weekend and plan out to cook one big dish that can last you all week. Besides that, figure out a few small, easy to make meals. After you’ve done that, make an itemized grocery list. This way, you’re minimizing the chances of buying food that’ll go to waste if you don’t use it. 

Now, if you like cooking and it is a big part of your life, dealing with not having the right equipment can be a deal-breaker. Some of us pay far more attention to choosing and using kitchen appliances than others. So, if you’re used to your own kitchen devices, taking them along is the best option. If you have them, cooking won’t represent a problem, and it’ll be much easier to maintain the eating habits you had at home

Woman cooking and thinking about how to maintain healthy eating habits when you move abroad.
Contrary to popular belief, cooking for one can be simple

Lunch swap

Eating out for lunch every day can be tempting, especially if your coworkers invite you out all the time. However, you can involve your colleagues into your effort to eat well and save money with a lunch swap.

You can do it with as many people as you like, but the ideal number seems to be five. In this scenario, each person gets the assignment one day of the week to bring lunch for the group. It has many benefits and adjusting to new food after an international move is one of them.

Additionally, it’s also a social event. You’re still building strong relationships at work, but you’re also saving everyone time and money since each person has to prepare just one big lunch a week. 

Shop at local markets

Shopping at supermarkets all the time certainly is convenient. But on the other hand, branching out to different marketplaces can be both exciting and more affordable. Most countries out there have local markets where you can buy food from local vendors.

Usually, there’s no overhead and fancy packaging needed for supermarkets. You’re buying just the product you’re after and for a lower price. Additionally, all the chances are that the things you buy here will be fresher as the limited stocks need to be replenished every day.

When you add all of these up, it becomes clear why shopping at local markets is crucial if you want to maintain healthy eating habits when you move abroad. So, before you call a reliable moving company like movage-moving.com and leave the US, make sure to learn a bit more about the mentioned markets and food of the country you’re relocating to.

Man buying something in the local market
It won’t be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits when you move abroad if you regularly shop at the local markets.

Learn to cook local dishes

Wherever you’re relocating to, there’s no need for missing out on the local cuisine just because you’re trying to live a disciplined life. Everyone should eat out from time to time to socialize with friends and experience all the fantastic flavors that they don’t have back home.

After you’ve done it a couple of times and discovered some of the dishes you like the most, why wouldn’t you make them yourself? This way, you can have them whenever you want, and you don’t have to spend big bucks to get them. It’s a win-win situation. 

There is, however, another advantage of learning how to make local dishes. And that is health. You see, most of the traditional cuisines are a lot healthier than modern foods because they tend to make use of fresh, local ingredients. There are no processed goods full of preservatives when making these.

Choose simple and healthy food 

You could stock on microwavable dishes and processed meats to save time. However, that option costs more than buying simple, fresh ingredients.

There are countless recipes for easy to make meals that feature just a few key ingredients. If you spend enough time planning everything, you can base your diet on the easy to prepare dishes that feature highly nutritious food. 

A plate full of colorful ingredients.
Healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated.

High-quality food is vital for much more than just your waistline. Your overall wellness depends on it, so make sure to do your best to maintain healthy eating habits when you move abroad. After all, from this article, you can see that it’s not a difficult task to do.

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