Top 15 Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand 2020

The attraction of Arabic mehndi design is that they are more on the minimalist side and a lot less trouble. It is perfect, for instance, for the small functions the bride wants to attend, without feeling like she has overdone it and also keeping her hands red.

Mehndi is a vital part of every single wedding event in the Indian subcontinent. Directly from weddings to celebrations like Eid, Karwa Chauth, and Teej, ladies embellish their hands and feet with amazing mehndi designs and patterns. 

Arabic mehndi art is one of the most recognized trends in our country. Applying mehndi is a significant part of festivals, weddings, and special occasions. It makes the women’s hands look even prettier, and also has medicinal properties as it reduces stress and acts as an antiseptic.

There is always a ransom and confusion about the fact that which Mehandi pattern is best suitable for a hand, suitable for an occasion and suitable for couture too. You girls do not need to handle such perplexity and bafflement. Sometimes all you need for an occasion is to look confident and poised. To look poised in ease you need to feel carefree from inside.

You do not have to care so much about your Mehndi now because here is a collection of all the most trending and traditional Mehendi together categorized for you. Go through now!

Today, we have various patterns under Arabic mehndi designs.

The latest Arabic mehndi designs use bold finishing and sharp ends which are easy to apply on both hands and feet.

Here are some of the best and latest Arabic mehndi designs for Left-Hand stylish women.

A Circular Floral

Arabic Mehndi Design 2020

A simple design, to begin with, would be a singular floral pattern that can be outlined for multi-layered effect. Such a pattern is usually connected to all fingers or even a single one to create a flowing effect.

In Arabic patterns the tips of the fingers are not usually covered with henna but either left untouched or include a design just below the nail cuticle.

The Motifs Edging

It will take a deep notice and a lot of eyes to notice that the authenticity of this Arabic design is made with the motifs edging all around the trail. There are flowers, motifs, dots, paisleys, and small petals which make this design together with a prepossessing.

Here the petals and leaves are not shaded or filled from inside and look neat and simply elegant. You can entice the crowd with this Arabic mehndi design with the power of this design’s simplicity. The ring finger is decorated here too, do ornate your fingers substantially.

Heart-Shaped Pattern

Mehndi Design

 A heart-shaped pattern can be created in the simplest of forms or can be an intricate piece of work depending on the type of design you are looking for. For a simpler, modern design, the pattern can be created by using a couple of spirals and in case you are interested in creating something more intricate, you can work around with the jail effect for a fuller look.

An Authentic Grace

Arabic Mehndi Design

Again, a design with no shading and filling inside the patterns from Arabic mehndi design. This makes the whole design look simple yet the authenticity of the design makes it look graceful and appealing.

The dark strokes of motifs, the traditional paisleys, some swirls, swirly vines, spirals, and the checks pattern are all looking extra striking and divine.

This should be a top-notch choice of every girl as the design is attractive and beguiling. Pair some adorable metal bangles or oxidized jewelry with this design to look even classier. Lehenga cholis, sarees, and traditional dresses will be perfect to be worn with this design.

Finger Pattern

Mehndi Design

One of the most interesting designs in the Arabic setup is of covering only the fingers with henna. A more modern take on this traditional concept can create some unique and exquisite designs. Primarily paisley is one of the popular motifs that can be used at a beginner level combined with vines and dots to make it more interesting.

Arabic Mehndi Design

What exactly are you waiting for? . Go, try out these mehndi models and become a head turner for everybody around at the wedding. Additionally, please do not forget to share your comments, we simply love to listen to them!.

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