Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2020

The top mehndi designs include the Indian, Arabic and Pakistani formations with minor intricate differences in all. While some designs have extreme detailing, some have a cleaner and more subtle look.

We ladies sure do love to flaunt that perfect mehndi design at social functions and weddings. Be it bridal mehndi or your everyday simple mehndi designs, rest assured, there’s one more event around the corner where we can’t do without it.

The wedding season may be over, and we ladies are already looking forward to what kind of mehndi design trend we can adopt for Eid, Diwali. etc. Sure, the holiday is too far away but when has that ever stopped us?

Mehandi has been a part of India and the neighboring countries since ages and has gained so much popularity that the demand for it has crossed many borders.

In western cultures, it is often referred to as henna and many of the westerners apply it like a tattoo on their bodies.  With so many people trying their hands on henna, it gotta have some sort of variations. And so, in this article, we will talk about those variations in Indian and Pakistani Mehandi designs.

Just like in India, Pakistani mehndi designs are an emblem of art, culture, tradition, and celebration. However, these two countries have different styles of Mehandi.

In this article, we talk about Pakistani mehndi designs images, which are quite similar to Indian designs but have a slight touch of Arabic mehndi design as well. Have a look at a few of the top designs for different parts of hand and feet.

Pakistani Motif Designs

The central motif here is the paisley and domes which gives the whole design a royal and regal look. The intricate patterns are extremely beautiful and the decision to choose identical patterns for both legs and hands is superb. A design like this is complex and would take hours to make.

A royal couple in the middle

Image Courtesy: Barbie Ima’s Instagram

This design is a classic example of Pakistani mehndi designs images as it has all the ingredients of a Pakistani design. The elaborate leaf motifs design that is not that cluttered and the use of floral patterns as well; all of this makes this perfect for a bride.

The perfect mix of intricate designs

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

If you are looking for the perfect mix of intricate mehndi designs then Pakistani mehndi designs images are exactly what you are looking for.

Heart and Leaves Mehandi

It might seem like too many leaves in this design but really, what are too many leaves in a Mehandi design, though? What I like the most is the heart-shaped thing in the middle of the design which looks totally amazing.

You do not really need to have this kind of design only at weddings because it is uber cute and can be worn out with casuals too. 

Curves and Shading Patterns

What exactly are you waiting for? . Go, try out these mehndi models and become a head turner for everybody around at the wedding. Additionally, please do not forget to share your comments, we simply love to listen to them!.

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