Moroccan Mehendi Designs 2020

Moroccan Mehndi Designs are a more contemporary take on the traditional mehndi art which looks very unique and trendy. If you want to try something different on your hands this year you can go for jaali detailing or modern motifs or go for the elegant and minimal Moroccan designs.

Decorative and attractive henna art on the skin is a long-standing part of Moroccan culture. A tradition often associated with wedding rituals and other important celebrations, many tourists to the kingdom enjoy having beautiful designs skilfully applied to other parts of their bodies, too.

Everything in Morocco is extravagant and luxurious, and so is their art of Mehendi.

In the past, henna has played an essential part in any major festival in Morocco, but it was not just loved for its beauty. As per the Berber’s belief (Berber is the community/people in Morocco), it brings prosperity, health, and blessings and also wards off the evil. So, this season, go Moroccan way for the calligraphy and motifs in your Mehendi

Henna designs in Morocco can be traced back to the times of the early nomadic Berber communities that roamed the lands. Henna was used, whenever possible, at almost any joyous event. Battle victories, births, weddings, and religious celebrations were all occasions when people would decorate themselves with henna.

In Morocco, which is the Islamic religion dominant country the Mehndi has its own historic religious significance. They have a Mehndi function with every family function and festivals.  And when the occasion is of a family wedding, then these Moroccan bridal Menhdi designs become a must for the new brides. 

These Mehndi designs are also thought to ward off any evil eye during the auspicious occasion. And these specific diamond-shaped Mehndi designs are believed to prevent rideb from any evil eye. This was all a short history of Moroccan bridal Mehndi designs for the newbies.

Now talking about the latest trend in mehndi designs, these Moroccan mehndi art style is much loved by the young mehndi lovers. And the reason for that is the simple geometric shapes that have a contemporary look and goes very well with indo-western outfits. 

These mehndi designs are so simple that beginners can have an easy hand on this art. And with a bit of practice, you can master this Moroccan art and can create numerous unique designs according to your taste.  So girls why to wait just go on experimenting with these beautiful Moroccan mehndi designs.

These exotic designs are easy to replicate on your hands, will spice up your festive mood, and will bring good luck too.

Contemporary Moroccan mehndi art design

Moroccan Mehndi art designs with ancient symbols

Fine intricating lines Moroccan mehndi design for hands

Desi motifs

Moroccan Mehndi design with plain geometric combinations and squared borders

Classic Moroccan mehndi design

Innovative Moroccan Mehndi design with flowers and leaves patterns

Graceful bracelet

Traditional Moroccan mehndi design with hints of Arabic design

Elegant Moroccan mehndi design

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