Learn Mehndi Designs Step by Step

Here is a step-by-step easy mehndi design for hands! There are just so many choices you have.
If you want to learn step by step methods to apply mehndi designs then you should visit Easy Mehndi Design.
If you want to become a pro in this art, then it is necessary that you first get familiar with the basics of this beautiful art. All the mehndi enthusiasts who are keen on learning the art of mehndi, need to acquire the method of applying it.

Always begin with small designs. Simple mehndi designs such as making leaves, veils, flowers need to be practiced and mastered before going into the elaborate and beautiful mehndi designs including peacocks, dulha – dulhan, lord Ganesh, and so on.

How can I learn mehndi at home?
To Learn The Step By Step Mehndi Designs, You Need:
  1. Henna Mehendi cone.
  2. A printed copy of the Henna design.
  3. A clear plastic sheet.
  4. Tissue paper.
  5. Glitter cone (optional)
  6. A4 sheet ora plain piece of paper.
  7. Pencil.

 Start Drawing Simple Mehndi Designs on a plain piece of paper.

Watch Full Videos to Learn Mehndi Designs.








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