How to properly use and clean kitchen appliances so they last longer

Having a well-decorated and equipped kitchen is a great luxury. There are so many benefits to it, and your quality of life is undoubtedly much higher when you can prepare your meals in a clean and organized environment. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. No matter how lavish it is to possess the kitchen of your dreams, it also entails a lot of work. If you aren’t thinking of hiring help for this sort of thing, make sure you know how to use and clean kitchen appliances so they last longer. The last thing you want is to waste money and time investing in new devices that aren’t at all inexpensive.

Make a realistic plan

We can sometimes get carried away when planning our upcoming activities, which can lead to disappointment. In order to avoid it, you can always try to lower your expectations or, better yet, look at the most realistic picture according to your previous experiences. Using and cleaning your kitchen appliances isn’t hard at all; you just have to be willing to stay consistent.

Maintenance is key to durability

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean and ready for use means not giving in to laziness. Having an excellent base for all your delicious recipes takes effort. Make sure that whatever tricks you have are long-lasting and feasible in the long run. You don’t want this process to be tiring or too much for you. The best piece of advice that you could get when it comes to using and cleaning kitchen appliances over the years to come is setting an achievable and steady routine.


Cleaning liquid for kitchen appliances that you need in order to use and clean them.
Using and cleaning kitchen appliances is much easier when you do it regularly.

Tricks to use and clean kitchen appliances most efficiently

Depending on which kitchen appliances we’re talking about, techniques for using and cleaning them vary. Here are some of the most common ones that can also be applicable to other similar appliances.


Don’t overcrowd your refrigerator; that’s what storage is for. Refrigerating the food that doesn’t necessarily need to be in such a cold place will only make a mess, and your fridge will be much harder to clean and organize.

Something else that people don’t usually think about when cleaning and using this kitchen appliance is that you need to take care of the condenser. Maybe even more than anything else. If too much dust gets in there, your refrigerator won’t be able to work to its full capacity or even at all. You can simply remove it according to the instructions and clean it regularly without any invasive chemicals. If you want to clean behind the fridge as well, make sure to let the dedicated crew from Park Moving handle the heavy lifting. You don’t want to risk any injuries as they can put a damper on your cleaning efforts.

A green refrigerator.
Your refrigerator certainly isn’t the most challenging kitchen appliance to use or clean. However, you need to do the bare minimum.

The dishwasher

The filter that you have at the bottom of this kitchen appliance is the thing that you should focus on cleaning and using correctly. Although the dishwasher seems like something that is self-cleaning in a way, it’s not. You need to keep an eye on any larger bits of food that may have gotten in there. However, if you rinse your plates and dishes every time before placing them in the machine, this won’t be necessary.

Stovetop, oven, and microwave

When it comes to cleaning and using these kitchen appliances, the good news is that there isn’t very much you have to do. If you use them conscientiously and clean briefly after each use, there won’t be any issues. The only thing that could be problematic is if you let the spilled food dry, so don’t.

The toaster or waffle maker

Although these are not appliances that people would find very hard to clean or use, they could give you some trouble. Precisely because of the carelessness that people have, they forget to clean their toaster and waffle makers regularly. Food can get stuck in the corners and make a real mess if you’re not careful enough. Another mistake that people often make is using these appliances for foods for which they aren’t intended.

A waffle maker with waffles inside.
Using and cleaning your kitchen appliances doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time.

Protecting your kitchen appliances while packing them

Whether you’re moving or renovating your home, you’ll need to pack your kitchen appliances. This can get a bit tricky since things can get damaged during transportation. To protect them the best way possible, it might be best if you used materials made to prevent breaking or any other accidents. If you’re unfamiliar with this, hire people experienced in packing kitchen appliances while you stick to using and cleaning them.

Keep everything tidy and organized

Although the connection between cleanliness and tidiness isn’t that obvious at first glance, it’s undoubtedly a crucial one. Having a messy kitchen often leads to overcrowdedness. While there are people who use and clean kitchen appliances in a disorderly manner, that doesn’t mean that it should be done that way. What’s more, it will most definitely affect the longevity of your appliances. Things will break and crack far more frequently than they would’ve otherwise. Make sure to use protective materials if you need to cram a lot of devices in one place. Sorting them out according to how frequently you use them is a great way to keep everything organized.

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