Best Kitchen Layouts to Consider

The worldwide pandemic has taught us a vastly important lesson. Never before has spending quality time with family been more relevant to each individual’s well-being. Even though people spend most of their time at home nowadays, their family members are busy with various day-to-day tasks. However, spending quality time with family while preparing a meal after a long workday is a vital bonding routine. Therefore, you are probably aware of the value a properly designed kitchen can bring into your life. Whether you have decided to remodel your dull kitchen or intend to move and redesign the entire room, there are various kitchen layouts to consider.

First things first – the work triangle

Efficiency and functionality should always be a priority when considering a kitchen layout. Your time is your most valuable asset, and you don’t want to waste most of it being frustrated while preparing a meal. Therefore, your work triangle’s proper size and shape should be crucial to examine before deciding on the most functional layout.

A work triangle is a principle regarding the distance between your refrigerator, kitchen sink, and cooktop. The necessary appliances should be placed in a triangle, enabling you an effortless flow when cooking. The most fitting distance between them should be at least 13 feet, which can save you a decent amount of time when moving around.   

How to decide which kitchen layout to consider

Deciding on the most practical option for your family might seem like an effort. However, it is necessary to estimate the space you have at hand, your family’s daily lifestyle, and everyone’s habits. Although your research might lead you to infinite options, careful planning can make the choosing process as straightforward as possible.

Functional and beautiful – an L-shaped kitchen

Although cooking is a time-consuming process, it should never be a stressful task.  An oddly designed kitchen can quickly turn such a pleasurable activity into a demanding job. An L-shaped kitchen construction permits you to move throughout the kitchen easily. It usually involves units organized in the letter L shape, suitable for both cramped and large spaces.

This layout can be convenient for a family that finds pleasure in cooking together because it permits everyone to move freely. However, you should think well about organizing your corner spaces to maximize the storage options. You could invest in expandable shelves or turntables to make the most out of a limited area.


an interior of a white kitchen
Despite a variety of kitchen layouts to consider, you should choose the one most convenient for your lifestyle

Blendable and economical – a single-wall kitchen

The majority of people imagine a single-wall kitchen as a cramped room with almost no space to enjoy cooking. However, among multiple kitchen layouts to consider, this one might be the most practical and affordable choice. Usually seen in apartments, a single-wall kitchen can ideally contribute to an open concept space and accentuate your dining or living room.

Nevertheless, it does pose a storage challenge. Suppose you are thinking of redesigning an entire kitchen after a relocation to a new home. In that case, you are well aware of how important it is to use storage space the right way. One means of expanding your storage section is to add plenty of cabinets or open shelves. Open kitchen shelves could make your room look more vivid and spacious. On the other hand, cabinets reach their full potential if you dedicate your time to decant and label your ingredients.

Additional storage in crowded spaces – a galley kitchen

Sometimes, however resourceful you are when it comes to labeling and organizing your nutrients in multiple containers, you always face space scarcity. If you encounter this difficulty every day, a galley kitchen layout might be the best answer to your needs! This particular layout consists of two parallel rows of units. It is designed to be as efficient as a single-wall kitchen but offering additional storage sections.

Even though it might seem a dream come true for restricted areas, it could be flawed depending on your family’s necessities. A galley kitchen might cause plenty of traffic jams in the room. Therefore it might not be the best solution for a big family. An overcrowded kitchen could potentially become a dangerous spot for small children and pets. Consequently, it would be best to place your work area on one wall only so that the pathway remains unobstructed.

Isolated and affordable – a G-shaped kitchen

Although there are many kitchen layouts to consider when remodeling a compact kitchen, there still are ways to create a secluded spot in a spacious area. Including an island in your kitchen is one of the most popular solutions for an expansive space. However, some families consider the island a costly and impractical idea when redesigning, so it is necessary to consider an affordable way to spruce up your space. You could easily cut the costs by repainting the kitchen cabinets or adding a peninsula to your U-shaped layout.

A G-shaped kitchen might be the best solution for families that spend most of their time socializing in this room. The G-shaped design offers either a cozy breakfast nook or an additional workspace for the master chef. However, depending on its construction, this particular layout might offer too much space, requiring detailed planning.

A kitchen countertop converted into a dining area
A carefully devised design plan will ensure the utmost functionality of your kitchen

Master of the work triangle – a U-shaped kitchen

If you are looking for the most time-efficient organization in your kitchen, the U-shaped design could be your favorite! Although preparing your heavenly treats might not be a complex process, an inadequately designed kitchen could turn it into a nightmare. Sometimes trying to devise a proper distance between your appliances when dealing with different layouts might be troublesome. However, a U-shaped kitchen provides an appropriate amount of space to ensure trouble-free movement.

Apart from providing you with just the right amount of storage space, this design could let the whole family be involved in meal prepping. An abundance of counters ensures that every family member takes part in cooking without the danger of bumping into each other. However, this particular design might be the most suitable for a large, open space room. If placed between two walls, it might cause as much traffic as the galley kitchen layout. 

a little girl cooking
A properly designed kitchen ensures that the whole family enjoys preparing food

A pro tip: convert obstacles into advantages

You might have acknowledged that there are numerous kitchen layouts to consider, but none of them suits the space you are dealing with adequately. You may have an enormous pillar in the middle of the room, or it might be impossible to include a proper work triangle in your design. Whichever the obstacle be, do not get discouraged! It takes just a bit of ingenuity to transform any barrier into your kitchen’s advantage and turn it into a unique space. The pillar causing you trouble could easily be remodeled into a custom kitchen island, posing as your family’s gathering area. Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest a little bit of your time and creativity in devising a proper layout. You will gain the most gratifying moments with your family in return.

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