Backhand Mehndi Designs For 2020

If you are searching for the Latest Backhand mehndi designs, And  If you’ve felt stuck when it comes to finding the best Mehndi Designs, you’re in the right place, this is the post for you.

The best part about mehndi designs is that you can go all out and experiment with multiple motifs to create a unique design. The type of design chosen speaks volumes about the bride and also defines her personality.

Here are some popular Backhand mehndi designs for backhandsWhy wait? Go ahead and bookmark the ones you like!

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi DesignBackhand Mehndi Design

The Mandala Mehndi design is one of the oldest traditional patterns that are still popular today. While this pattern can be used for both front and backhand, it looks insanely better on the backhand, The area around the Mandala in the middle of a palm is left empty to make it more prominent. 

If you want you can fill in this area with a pattern or cover it with Mehndi. This design will look fantastic either way.

The Intricate Fusion

This is a classic and extremely trendy fusion of division patterns and Arabic florals and circles. The criss-cross division is restricted to the backhand and the rest of the arm is adorned with horizontal lines.

It will look amazing on you and let you flaunt that solitaire just like the lovely bride in the picture.

TraditionalBackhand Mehndi Design

The most popular simple mehndi design for backhands is the traditional design. It is so easy to identify and achieve as well. There is also one thing that is common among these traditional designs which are, it is always a combination of multiple designs to achieve one big design. Also, the same design will be replicated on both hands as you can see in this image.

The Dream Girl

Backhand Mehndi Design

Want to display your passion for dance on your hand? Get this drawn by your mehndi artist on your hand. The main design was garnished with small little leaves and some flowers as well.

Bridal Back Hand Mehndi DesignBackhand Mehndi

In India, you are not a real bride if you do not have your hands and feet, and sometimes other parts completely covered in Mehndi. The backhand Mehndi for a bride would, of course, be more elaborate and intricate than other designs. However, some brides might prefer to keep it simple. We have one simple and one slightly over the top design for you.

The Free Flowing MehndiBackhand Mehndi Design

This unique mehndi design features three irregular shaped circles letting branches of solid henna leaves flowing freely through it. The leafy branches look amazing meeting the respective finger ends.

This is definitely a very unique choice for the botanical lover bride who is ready to set some new trends.

Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

Backhand Mehndi Design

The peacock represents royalty in Indian culture. This motif is usually incorporated in backhand Mehndi designs along with other patterns. It is believed that a peacock brings good luck which is why we see quite a lot of festive and bridal Mehndi patterns using this motif in some way or other. 

The design in the picture above is specially created for the back of the hand. You can stretch the pattern all the way to your elbow for an even more elaborate design.

We hope that you like our collection of these stunning Backhand Mehndi designs.

What exactly are you waiting for? Go, try out these mehndi models and become a head-turner for everybody around at the wedding. Additionally, please do not forget to share your comments, we simply love to listen to them!.






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